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For proven benefits that reach every blood vessel in the body, from the largest arteries to the tiniest capillaries.

Available with the essential support of Reduced Glutathione, for even more detoxification, antioxidant and immune support, increased energy and body repair.

Detoxamin® is greatly preferred over IV treatments

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Detoxamin® is the only scientifically and clinically proven product of its kind in the world

Proven to support cardiovascular health, diminishes the accelerated aging process due to lipid peroxidation, clears toxic metal buildup in deep tissues, increases mental clarity, gentle, non-invasive and safe, well tolerated by adults and children.

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Detoxamin’s distribution of EDTA into interstitial and intracellular spaces leads to more efficient chelation of compartmentalised heavy metal content

And nighttime detoxification is also the most efficient, since that’s when the oxidative stress load on the body is at its minimum, and the immune system’s healing mechanisms are working at maximum.
Neither our children nor our children’s children will be around when the body finally adapts to our current environment.
The bad news is that the environment is not getting any better, even with our best efforts. The good news is that we all, including our children and theirs, can safeguard our bodies against the continual onslaught of heavy metals in our world.
So start right now and protect yourself from the comfort of your own home with the most effective self-administered EDTA Chelation and Glutathione therapies available anywhere in the world.
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