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EDTA chelation

There's nothing like Detoxamin!

Greatly preferred over IV Treatments

Backed by over 10 years of published scientific and clinical research, only Detoxamin® offers extraordinary efficacy and safety and is medically equal to IV EDTA chelation. Detoxamin is much less invasive, in no way uncomfortable, and is generally greatly preferred over IV treatments. With Detoxamin, a patented EDTA suppository, the main obstacle to intravenous EDTA chelation therapy has been eliminated. Rather than spending three or more hours per infusion session in a clinic hooked to an IV, it takes less than a minute to use Detoxamin at home before bedtime.

Multiple choice for Selection

Available in four Strengths

Since many people cringe at the thought of getting stuck with a needle for twenty or more IV treatments, using of Detoxamin eliminates this psychologically stressful and time-consuming obstacle. Each jar of Detoxamin is a 2 month supply, and contains 30 individually sealed Detoxamin® premium USP grade calcium-disodium EDTA suppositories, and it is available in four strengths for easy use.  Order with or without glutathione. We also have available Glutathione Only formulas (NO EDTA), for the extra support you need. Detoxamin is medically equal to IV chelation, now there’s no worries about traveling long distances to sit for hours at a time, hooked up to an IV at a doctors office.

EDTA chelation

Health powered by Science

The gold standard in Quality

Detoxamin offers you distinct advantages over IV chelation, and our clinical research is the subject of medical lectures across the world. Detoxamin Products are made in the USA, our affiliate manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA, all products are manufactured under the supervision of expert PhDs in chemistry and nutrition, and all our processes are in strict accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). All ingredients are of the highest USP grade, with essays certifying potency and purity. And our state-of-the-art, scientific quality-control (QC) testing lab ensures that health care professionals and consumers are receiving and enjoying the highest quality products available.

Turning new ideas into Science

Decreases heavy metal Overload

Heavy Metal Overload in the walls of coronary arteries seems to decrease levels of nitric oxide, a compound known as “Endothelial Relaxing Factor”, without this substance normal blood flow is impeded, therefore increasing the risk of vascular blockages. Heavy Metal Overload in the adrenal glands reduces the production of hormones, which causes early aging, stress, decreased sex drive and aggravation of menopausal symptoms. Heavy Metal Overload can lead to unresponsiveness of diabetics to their medications.

EDTA chelation, glutathione

For obvious reasons, removing metals from the body safely has been a concern of physicians for many years.

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