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Each jar is a 2 month supply, and contains 30 individually sealed Detoxamin® premium USP grade calcium-disodium EDTA suppositories. Order with or without glutathione. Available in four strengths, 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. ⇓

  1. 500MG / Gentle
  2. 750MG / For up to 175lbs
  3. 1000MG / For 175lbs - 200lbs
  4. 1500MG / For 200lbs and up
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Order with or without Glutathione. 


High EDTA absorption & tissue concentration is proven in high-tech lab analysis

Enhances feelings of vitality, increased energy and well being

Supports cardiovascular and bone health

Well tolerated by adults and children

Decreases free radical damage while protecting cells, tissues and organs from metal poisoning

Clears toxic metal buildup in tissues and organs

Continual slow-acting gentle detoxification during sleep

Diminishes the accelerated aging process

Helps to maintain healthy body metabolism

Supports healthy brain and neurological functions

Non-invasive, no discomfort, no hassle

Long-lasting EDTA in system for deep heavy metal cleansing

Very safe, scientifically and clinically proven


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