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Backed by scientific and clinical studies clearly proving scientifically its safety and medical similarity to IV EDTA chelation, Detoxamin is becoming a mainstay for so many around the world. People just don’t have the time to tolerate the invasiveness of IV therapy, plus Detoxamin is so much more affordable. You simply take Detoxamin chelation supplements at night before sleep. Nighttime is the most efficient, since that’s when the oxidative stress load on the body is at its minimum, and the immune system’s healing mechanisms are working at maximum. And for woman, we now have Hygeena for maximum feminine support.

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Each jar of Detoxamin is a 2 month supply, and contains 30 individually sealed Detoxamin® premium USP grade calcium-disodium EDTA suppositories. Order with or without glutathione.

Health powered by science

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Detoxamin helps you cope with an ever-increasing load of toxins in this industrialised 21st century. Our superior quality is supported by the supervision of expert Ph.D.s in chemistry and nutrition. Additionally, our processes strictly follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). All ingredients are of the highest USP grade, with assays certifying potency and purity. Our state-of-the-art scientific quality-control testing laboratory ensures that you receive the highest quality products available. Your health is a vitally important to us, and we are happy to answer your questions about Detoxamin Products, and their tremendous advantages for you.

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