Detoxamin's powerful and patented formula results in EDTA reaching your circulatory system with much less alteration, much greater concentrations.


Detoxamin EDTA chelation avoids hepatic first-pass effect and bypasses first-pass metabolism. Results in EDTA reaching your circulatory system with much less alteration, much greater concentrations.

Be Aware that the average body holds 1,000% percent more lead today than 100 years ago simply because of the environment we live in. Chelation therapy is a safe, effective, inexpensive alternative to drugs and surgeries.

Protect Yourself and your family with the most effective self-administered Ca-EDTA therapy available. Detoxamin Ca-EDTA chelation therapy is just as effective as traditional intravenous methods-without any needles, repeated office visits, or time consuming intravenous treatments. At about 30% of the traditional cost.

Detoxamin edta suppositories are more affordable, helps with heavy metal detox, the best metal detox available, more effective than oral chelation, much less chelation therapy side effects, for a lower chelation therapy cost, more affordable metal chelation, has less heavy metal detox symptoms,
  • Time-release

    Detoxamin has a time-release mechanism that allows the EDTA to absorb through the colon wall over an eighty-minute period while you sleep. Almost all the blood from the rectum makes its way to the superior hemorrhoidal veins, a tributary of the portal system, so that absorption through the rectal wall carries the EDTA in Detoxamin to the portal vein (see figure). The lower and middle hemorrhoidal veins bypass the liver-and do not undergo first pass metabolism. This means that the EDTA in Detoxamin goes directly to the organs of your body without being filtered through the liver first. Because of this, the EDTA contained in Detoxamin is very productive.

  • Many advantages

    Detoxamin offers many advantages both over the expensive intravenous method of EDTA chelation. With the use of needles via the intravenous method, and risk of AIDS and other communicable blood-borne diseases, Detoxamin is becoming the logical choice over I.V. EDTA chelation and the poorly absorbed oral EDTA. The rectum has a more neutral pH and is not as acidic as the stomach, which makes this area much better for EDTA absorption because it is not buffered and has a neutral pH, unlike the stomach. It also has very little enzymatic activity, thus enzymatic degradation does not occur. 

  • Direct organ delivery

    Detoxamin also introduces EDTA directly into the systemic circulation, efficiently bypassing the portal circulation and the liver metabolism on the first pass. Rectal absorption may also occur through the lymphatic system and, in some cases, largely through the blood via the vena cava.



Medical compendium of scientific and clinical studies on Detoxamin Chelation Suppositories. Includes a compilation of research documents and publications on pharmacokinetics, safety and efficacy of Detoxamin.



Heavy metals accumulate in various tissues, associated with increases in todays diseases. Reducing heavy metals from the body has been a challenge to modern medicine. With the advent of EDTA chelation, removing toxic metals is now a reality, but the invasive IV method is burdensome and expensive. 



Detoxamin in conjunction with Friends of Lead Free Children, a non-profit organization connected to Columbia University and Fordham University, assisted in the search. A residential neighbourhood in Haina, Dominican Republic was selected. The neighbourhood was located adjacent to a battery recycling plant where the kids would play.


Did you ever wonder how researchers get rats with cancer of the prostate so they can study the effects of prescription drugs? They dose them with cadmium. Why? Because it has a remarkable ability to zero in on the testicles as target organs. Many studies have been done on workers involved in the cadmium industry (cadmium batteries, welders, fabricated metal products, etc.) showing they have up to four times the increased incidence of prostate cancer compared to the average male. Cadmium, an environmental heavy metal that is commonly found in our foods, can be the cause of prostate symptoms. This toxic heavy metal cannot be avoided and once inside the body, damages enzymes and mimics the chemistry of disease.

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Detoxamin with EDTA. Get it now!

EDTA has been proven to protect cell membranes, DNA and enzyme systems by reducing the destructive effects of free radicals.

Free radicals are reactive molecules that are unstable because they are missing an electron. In an effort to replace their lost electron, they frantically bump into and damage the molecules that make up the cells in your body. In the process, they cause oxidation of body tissues. It's impossible to be alive and not have some oxidative damage, because free radicals are produced by normal processes in the body, such as the production of energy and immune function.

Free radicals also come from environmental sources including heavy metals, household chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, tobacco smoke, food additives, foods that have been fried in oil that's been used over and over again (typical in many fast-food restaurants), and other pollutants. Once free radicals are released, they will multiply exponentially in chain reactions, unless they are stopped by antioxidants.

EDTA has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant that destroys free radicals - the culprits of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, and some types of cancer.

Some of the most dangerous emerging health challenges society is facing today are directly related to environmental oxidative toxins.

Detoxamin Chelation Suppositories. A Novel Approach For Removing Heavy Metals In Clinical Practice.

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When an effective modality becomes available to the public that has been well documented in scientific studies and literature, adopted by a growing number of wholistic physicians, is safe, not costly, saves lives and has the raving support from the majority of its recipients, common sense would lead us to believe that it would be made public and supported by those health care institutions who we expect are looking out for our best health interests.


There are over 60,000 manmade chemicals in our food, air and water. There are over 130 in our food supply alone. These include cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury, zinc, chromium, copper, nickel and aluminum; they are present in amounts that can lodge in the tissues and interrupt the enzyme activity of that tissue and its basic metabolic function. Chelation removes these; it is a free radical scavenger, and in effect, the body is then able to rejuvenate itself.

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