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Detoxamin has been formulated with cutting edge proprietary and patented methods which are verified and revealed in the only scientific study in the world conducted on EDTA suppositories. Our published research has been the subject of medical lectures across the world. Detoxamin is backed by four scientific and clinical studies that have clearly proven scientifically its safety and medical similarity to intravenous chelation.

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"Detoxamin will revolutionize medicine."

Sherry Rogers MD



Detoxamin has been formulated with cutting edge proprietary and patented methods which are verified and revealed in the only scientific study in the world conducted on EDTA suppositories. EDTA absorption, penetration, and half-life are crucial to effective heavy metals chelation. Our unique EDTA bio-availability formulation is the only one of its kind. Our published research has been the subject of medical lectures across the world.

Why Use Detoxamin?

The body has not learned how to dispose of heavy metals, even in very low concentrations, and tends to store them in the lymphatic and circulatory systems, vital organs such as the brain and the liver, and also in fatty tissues.

Metals accumulate for years until a point is reached when the amounts are such that they start to affect the whole body, particularly those with weakened immune systems. Common symptoms are headaches, brought on by an over-loaded liver.

Detoxamin® is backed by published scientific and several clinical studies that have clearly proven scientifically it's safety and effectiveness to remove toxic metals, clinically proven each and everyday in hundreds of clinics throughout the world.

Recommended by Leading Doctors

The potential contribution of chelating agents such as Ca-EDTA to the health of mankind can be greatly augmented as we begin to appreciate the wider implications of their basic detoxifying activity.1 We now have the unparalleled history of over 40 years of extensive and safe use of Ca-EDTA, with studies showing increasing life span in research models.

[1] Cranton E, ed. A Textbook on EDTA Chelation Therapy, Special Issue of Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Volume 2, Numbers 1/2, Human Sciences


Dr Sherry Rogers

"My hat goes off to Detoxamin for researching and making EDTA chelation available, affordable, non-prescription, and practical for a greater number of people."

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Dr Rita Ellithorpe

"Detoxamin is one of the most significant means to improve patients’ overall health that I’ve experienced in my 30 years of practice."

Dr. John McDonaugh

"Once you keep the immune system in a normal position, the body has tremendous powers of rehabilitation...and even in advanced cases...hopeless cases. . . chelation therapy has proven to be effective. "

How Detoxamin Works

  • Time-release

    Detoxamin has a time-release mechanism that allows the EDTA to absorb through the colon wall while you sleep. Almost all the blood from the rectum makes its way to the superior hemorrhoidal veins, a tributary of the portal system, so that absorption through the rectal wall carries the EDTA in Detoxamin to the portal vein. The lower and middle hemorrhoidal veins bypass the liver-and do not undergo first pass metabolism. This means that the EDTA in Detoxamin goes directly to the organs of your body without being filtered through the liver first. Because of this, the EDTA contained in Detoxamin is very productive.

  • Many advantages

    Detoxamin offers many advantages both over the expensive intravenous method of EDTA chelation. With the use of needles via the intravenous method, and risk of AIDS and other communicable blood-borne diseases, Detoxamin is becoming the logical choice over I.V. EDTA chelation and the poorly absorbed oral EDTA. The rectum has a more neutral pH and is not as acidic as the stomach, which makes this area much better for EDTA absorption because it is not buffered and has a neutral pH, unlike the stomach. It also has very little enzymatic activity, thus enzymatic degradation does not occur. 

  • Direct organ delivery

    Detoxamin also introduces EDTA directly into the systemic circulation, efficiently bypassing the portal circulation and the liver metabolism on the first pass. Rectal absorption may also occur through the lymphatic system and, in some cases, largely through the blood via the vena cava.

Doctor's Discussion

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Dr Rita discusses the use of fiber, the importance of healthy bowel movement, diet and exersize.


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