Effective EDTA Chelation Has Never Been Easier

Let us remove the hassles of IV therapy from your patients lives – so can they truly enjoy the benefits of EDTA and Glutathione Therapy!

The benefits of chelation occur from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, not just in blocked segments of a few large arteries.

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Available in 4 strengths

Detoxamin comes in four individual strengths for all your patients specific weight, and with the option of Original or With Glutathione.

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at a greatly reduced cost

Medically Similar to IV EDTA Chelation Therapy

Neither our children nor our children’s children will be around when the body finally adapts to our current environment. The bad news is that the environment is not getting any better, even with our best efforts. The good news is that we all, including our children and theirs, can safeguard our bodies against the continual onslaught of heavy metals in our world.  

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