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Not everyone can afford IV chelation treatments. Therefore, Detoxamin provides the answer to halting the oxidative damage we all experience from heavy metals. Its efficacy, effectiveness, and safety has been clinically and scientifically proven. Detoxamin has “rediscovered”  Chelation with a new and novel route of delivery, and superior mechanism of action to intravenous treatment. The active ingredient, calcium disodium EDTA, circulates in the blood and is present in body tissues longer to do its chelating work.


Detoxamin is taken every other night, and works gently while you sleep. Take right before bedtime. For more severe cases, you may take Detoxamin daily. For best results we recommend using 3 jars of Detoxamin (90 Detoxamin Suppositories) over 180 days (6 months).


Detoxamin works best using a combined approach, NTFactor Lipids Powder is essential, and take all supplementation daily, on the days your taking Detoxamin take supplements earlier, for less competition between the removal of toxins and the replacement of the essentials. Also, take B6(100MG) daily.


Our partners at Klaire Labs and NTFactor produce for us a wide range of high quality supplements, highly recommended are NTfactor Lipids Powder, with minerals, vitamins, enzymes, immune, inflammation, cardiovascular and gut support. If you have any questions on supplements please contact us anytime.


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Most frequent questions and answers

Chelation comes from the Greek word “claw,” meaning “to grab,” which is exactly what EDTA does. When a molecule of EDTA travels through the bloodstream and gets near a toxic metal such as lead or mercury, it grabs the destructive particle and binds tightly with it, pulling it out of the membrane or body tissue it was embedded in.


EDTA seizes a positively charged metal ion and surrounds it. This action inactivates the metal, then the body safely eliminates the bound compound, primarily via the kidneys. To visualize this concept, imagine pinching a marble between the thumb and forefinger, the marble being the metal ion and the thumb and forefinger being the chelating agent. Because EDTA has an affinity to heavy particles, it can attract and bind to heavy metals. The toxic ion and the amino acid connect and thenbecause the body regards the EDTA as a foreign substance, it sends it to the kidney for elimination. Both the EDTA and the heavy metals get a free ride into the toilet. EDTA goes in EDTA, and comes out EDTA, it is NOT metabolised or broken down, accomplishing all stages of Detoxification. 

When a free radical comes in contact with the inner lining of your arteries, microscopic injuries result. This process is called lipid peroxidation (the process that causes fats to become rancid) and is recognized as one of the underlying causes of atherosclerosis. Eventually the build-up of fat, cholesterol, toxic metals and other substances at the site of injury narrows the arteries. The key is to neutralize free radicals before they damage your arteries.


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  • The following information is based on proprietary IV EDTA comparison studies:
  • Detoxamin maintains over an 8hour halflife, compared to1.5 hours halflife for a single IV EDTA treatment. A significant finding: longlasting EDTA blood levels offer more time to efficiently chelate for slow, gentle, effective and safe chelation.
  • Detoxamin is 36.3 percent bioequivalent to IV chelationmedically similar to proven IV EDTA chelation.
  • Significant, efficient longlasting EDTA blood levels enable more efficient heavy metal clearance.
  • Detoxamin saturates the tissues threefold more deeply than does IV EDTA chelation, and has been established through preclinical studies. This is significant since Detoxamin can reach and remove heavy metals right where they are located. Improved tissue saturation of EDTA gives greater protection to cells, tissues and organs.Detoxamin has a time-release mechanism that allows the EDTA to absorb through the colon wall while you sleep. Almost all the blood from the rectum makes its way to the superior hemorrhoidal veins, a tributary of the portal system, so that absorption through the rectal wall carries the EDTA in Detoxamin to the portal vein. The lower and middle hemorrhoidal veins bypass the liver-and do not undergo first pass metabolism. This means that the EDTA in Detoxamin goes directly to the organs of your body without being filtered through the liver first. Because of this, the EDTA contained in Detoxamin is very productive.

Many Advantages

Detoxamin offers many advantages both over the expensive intravenous method of EDTA chelation. With the use of needles via the intravenous method, and risk of AIDS and other communicable blood-borne diseases, Detoxamin is becoming the logical choice over I.V. EDTA chelation and the poorly absorbed oral EDTA. The rectum has a more neutral pH and is not as acidic as the stomach, which makes this area much better for EDTA absorption because it is not buffered and has a neutral pH, unlike the stomach. It also has very little enzymatic activity, thus enzymatic degradation does not occur.

Direct EDTA Delivery

Detoxamin also introduces EDTA directly into the systemic circulation, efficiently bypassing the portal circulation and the liver metabolism on the first pass. Rectal absorption may also occur through the lymphatic system and, in some cases, largely through the blood via the vena cava.

It is also important to note that the EDTA in the form of Calcium Disodium EDTA will not remove essential Calcium but indirectly remove the unwanted stores of calcifications that promote atherosclerosis.

Detoxamin studies have shown that there is continued high excretion levels, even after 10 days without Detoxamin!

Also very unique and interesting science is the REBOUND EFFECT in the blood levels, its degree reflects the HIGH AMOUNT of stored metals in the tissue and bones and the attendant mobilization effect.

–Every time blood levels are diminished, ADDITIONAL toxic metals are mobilized from the tissues and bones.

Both EDTA and Glutathione are poorly absorbed when taken orally. But now, with this powerful formula, you can get all the powerful benefits of both EDTA and Glutathione at the highest level. You see, bio-availability is the key to performance. 

Glutathione Benefits:

Intracellular Energy Production – Mitochondria are the cell’s fuel energy source and consume more molecular oxygen than other organelles within the cytosol. This creates Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) which generate more oxidative stress. This is a reason why mitochondria are a main target for GSH to neutralise ROS and reduce oxidative stress. Entry and replenishment of GSH into the mitochondria is a critical step in maintaining intracellular health

Antioxidant –the body’s master antioxidant, our bodies depend on it for the removal of toxins. Other antioxidants in our body depend on it to function properly.

Detoxification – detoxifies a large number of pollutants by binding to carcinogens, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and radiation by forming a soluble compound with the toxin that can then be excreted through the urine or bile.

Immune System – is at the heart of all immune function. Healthy growth and activity of immune cells depends on the availability of GSH. The protective activity of GSH is two-fold – it enhances the activity of immune cells and also functions as an antioxidant within them. Raising and maintaining your levels can help minimize the risk of diseases.

Increased Energy – Our energy levels are a result of many factors – everything from the biochemical reactions taking place within our cells, to muscle function and even your sense of well-being. Glutathione enables the mitochondria of a cell to remain fully charged, enhancing muscle strength and endurance. Clinical trials have shown that lowering Glutathione in the mitochondria results in cell death.

Repair – Our body is constantly under attack from free radicals, some from external sources and some generated in our own body. Free radicals attack the nearest stable molecule, “stealing” its electron. A molecule that loses an electron then becomes a free radical itself and attacks the next nearest stable molecule, this begins a chain reaction. Once the reaction is started it can cascade through hundreds of molecules. Glutathione performs a vital role in repairing the damaged DNA by replacing the missing electron. Normal to elevated Glutathione keeps the repair of our cells at a maximum and reduces the number of cell mutations that would occur otherwise.

Glutathione is regarded as a very valuable cell protector, via its direct effects on the quenching of reactive hydroxyl free radicals, other oxygen-derived free radicals and DNA damaging oxidative stressors and other biomolecules.

Glutathione is the primary defender of the eye tissues and the skin against radiation related damage and supplies the key biochemical foundations for cytochrome P450 enzymatically derived detoxification in the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestinal epithelia and other organs. Whilst it is employed by many rate limiting biochemical steps in the body our understanding of its role in the immune system management of cytokine driven inflammation is only just evolving. This represents an area of increasing research as the role of the mucosal immune system becomes  attributed to persistent Para Inflammation and the degenerative conditions associated with it.


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Detoxamin removes most harmful metal toxins, safely and effectively. Detoxamin is taken at night prior to bedtime, each Detoxamin suppository contains Calcium-disodium EDTA, and is made in a proprietary base, (melts on body contact), which is very therapeutic for the rectal mucosa and the colon wall.

According to Dr. Bruce Halstead MD, Scientific Advisor to Detoxamin, “The Ca-sodium form is able to bond (chelate) effectively because it does not lower the blood pH to a level that would prohibit the bonding action. The Ca added to the salt is important in this MOA (mode of administration) as it buffers the acidic quality of the active ingredient keeping the suppository from being abrasive to the mucous membrane of the rectum area. Ca-disodium EDTA has both a scientific justification for therapeutic effectiveness as well as a clinical history of effectiveness.

Detoxamin, because most people just don’t have the time or money for IV chelation. They’re not only 70% less than I.V. chelation, but they’re as effective too.

Published medical studies prove Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories delivers approximately 40 percent of what an IV dose offers, and is the most medically similar to the traditional IV chelation therapy in the world.

Detoxamin: An Easier Way To Remove The Metals. What was once a time- consuming, prescriptive treatment costing thousands of dollars is now available to you in the privacy of your own home. Detoxamin EDTA suppositories are the only product of it’s kind proven in published research.

You simply take Detoxamin chelation supplements at night before sleep. And nighttime detoxification is the most efficient, since that’s when the oxidative stress load on the body is at its minimum, and the immune system’s healing mechanisms are working at maximum.

Where intravenous chelation takes hours of sitting in one spot (a real infringement on a person’s time), you use Detoxamin suppositories in the convenience and privacy of your own home. It eliminates painful, inconvenient, expensive, and very time consuming doctor visits and heavy metal detox symptoms associated with I.V.

The body has need for approximately 70 friendly trace element heavy metals, but there are another 12 poisonous heavy metals, such as Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, Arsenic, Cadmium, Nickel, etc., that act as poisonous interference to the enzyme systems and metabolism of the body.

Metals that are ALWAYS toxic and should never be ingested include the following: mercury, antimony, arsenic, beryllium, bismuth, cadmium, copper, lead, nickel, platinum, thallium, tungsten, uranium, and aluminum

Ca-EDTA is more attracted to some elements than others. This is a list of what EDTA is attracted to, in order of highest attraction to lower. This list was comprised by research published by Saul Green and Wallace Sampson in 2002. From studies, we also know EDTA has an affinity for Arsenic and Uranium, though we do not know where they fall in the line of affinity.

〉Iron (Ferric)







〉Iron (Ferrous)






“The Ca-sodium form is able to bond (chelate) effectively because it does not lower the blood pH to a level that would prohibit the bonding action. The Ca added to the salt is important in this MOA (mode of administration) as it buffers the acidic quality of the active ingredient keeping the suppository from being abrasive to the mucous membrane of the rectum area. Ca-disodium EDTA has both a scientific justification for therapeutic effectiveness as well as a clinical history of effectiveness.” Dr. Bruce Halstead MD, Scientific Advisor to Detoxamin

Recommended Protocol

  • Detoxamin is taken every other night. Detoxamin administers less dosage of EDTA, but it does it more frequently.
  • All dietary supplementation, except vitamin B6 (100 mg daily) is done on the “off ” day providing less competition between the removal of toxins and the replacement of the essentials.

Detoxamin Lifetime Maintenance

Detoxamin is a product for life. Your bones remain toxic for life-this is a fact. We highly recommend that you continue the therapy, as you will get exposed to harmful toxins continually. Unfortunately your bones are toxic for life and the toxins do get re-introduced into the bloodstream over time. Plus, our bone lead levels are 1000 times higher than those prior to the Industrial Age. Therefore, once you complete the first part of the therapy it is recommended to maintain your health with our monthly maintenance package. Our recommendation is to use 3-6 suppositories every month-you will receive the equivalent of approximately 2 IV EDTA chelation treatments. Using the suppositories on consecutive nights will give you consistent chelation. We are continually ingesting toxins and heavy metals on a continuing basis and Detoxamin is extremely safe, we feel that the maintenance protocol could be carried out over your lifetime.

YES! Detoxamin is 70% less than the IV EDTA chelation method.

1) Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories are taken at night, right before you retire for the evening. This allows LESS metabolic competition for the EDTA because the body is at rest while the EDTA is working. 2) Detoxamin introduces LESS dosage of EDTA, but it is done more frequently. This is just like taking vitamins, you take less more often. This fact provides better EDTA assimilation. 3) Almost all the blood from the rectum makes its way to the superior hemorrhoidal veins, a tributary of the portal system. The lower and middle hemorrhoidal veins BYPASS the liver and do not undergo first pass metabolism, therefore the EDTA in Detoxamin is not being filtered through the liver first, making the EDTA more productive in Detoxamin. 4) Detoxamin introduces EDTA directly into the systemic circulation and lymphatic system. 5) Detoxamin is also far safer than IV chelation because the EDTA in Detoxamin travels through the body MUCH SLOWER, not putting the same burden on the liver and kidney. 6) Each 3 Detoxamin suppositories are medically equal to 1 IV treatment.

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Cadmium is a metallic toxin of great environmental and occupational concern. Cadmium exposure has been associated with human prostatic cancer in some, but not all, epidemiologic studies. Some studies indicate that tissue levels of cadmium in the human prostate correlate with malignant disease.

Cadmium and prostate cancer:
M P Waalkes 1, S Rehm

Yes, definitely! We recommend that you take the most advanced vitamin/mineral supplement, including zinc, which you can afford to protect your body from getting depleted. Because of environmental toxicity and this high stress lifestyle of ours, it’s almost impossible to rely on food for all the nutrition our bodies need to stay healthy and strong. We live on devitalized food from mineral deficient soils that are packaged in boxes, picked green and stored in refrigerated compartments. And research has shown that, due to a steady decline in the nutritional quality of our food, even an adequate diet might not enable us to maintain the vitamin and mineral balance required to avoid health problems. It’s vital that we enhance our diets with a wide spectrum of supplemental vitamins and minerals that can make up for nutritional deficiencies.
1. Detoxamin introduces less EDTA, but more frequently. This provides far better EDTA absorption and assimilation.
2. Less dosage more frequently is also far safer than IV administration, which typically introduces 2-3 grams (2-3,000 MG’s) in one sitting. 
3. Detoxamin’s EDTA lasts longer, it stays in the body about 8 hours, compared to IV EDTA which is only 2-3 hours. This gives the EDTA more time to chelate toxic metals.
4. Detoxamin has far high soft tissue assimilation of EDTA when compared to IV, this is significant as most toxic metals are stored in the soft tissues and chelating from the tissues is a key to healing.
Detoxamin is patented method of EDTA chelation and medically equivalent to the intravenous method. Detoxamin is an unique formulation of EDTA that is manufactured into suppository form. Each box of Detoxamin (15 suppositories) is equal to 5 IV treatments. Detoxamin allows absorption of EDTA through the colon wall, the EDTA absorption rate in Detoxamin is 90 to 95%. There is no question that IV EDTA is useful, but we all live a busy life and we can’t go to the doctor and have an IV every day. It’s too inconvenient to see your doctor for three hours in his office, drive an hour to get to his office, day after day, lose a day of income and pay him $125 or whatever it costs, which is a significant amount of money. Detoxamin is an effective, convenient and affordable way of EDTA chelation and will finally help people with the excessive body burden of heavy metals, that we are all excessively burdened with today. Take our mercury levels, for example. In a report published in Linear Practice of Alternative Medicine (Fall, 2001, issue 2: 181-187), Poul Molher, MSc. calculated that it’s typical to have approximately 40 million atoms of mercury per every cell of the body after getting amalgam fillings for several years. When you know the facts on total toxic metals that we all carry around in us today, you realize that, whatever hope we have of really making a dent with 30 or 40 IV treatments or even 100 chelation’s over a lifetime, it is still simply a case of too little help being given too late. Detoxamin was created to replace the IV method of chelation to allow you to continue chelation to receive the ultimate benefits without the hassles and expense, because it is virtually impossible and too expensive for most people to keep going to the doctor’s office for IV chelation.
Oral EDTA tablets are so poorly absorbed that it can never be equal to the IV method or to Detoxamin. The stomach acids virtually destroy most of the oral EDTA whereby very little of the EDTA is actually absorbed into the bloodstream-only about 5%. This is why the promoters of oral EDTA require that you undergo IV EDTA chelation periodically so that the benefits are realized. Oral EDTA is so poorly absorbed that you must take about 30 oral EDTA (500 mg) tablets to equal just one Detoxamin Suppository. It is clear to many in the health field today that we should all consider EDTA chelation therapy, Detoxamin was created so you can accomplish this without the inconvenience and hassles that makes IV chelation unreachable for most people.
“Now, I have published proven research results of Detoxamin’s safety and efficacy in approved clinical trials. Please, don’t be fooled by other imitations. The unique Detoxamin formula is the only one that is proven to work longer in the body and absorb into the tissue more than IV chelation or oral chelation.” Rita Ellithorpe MD.
EDTA has been shown to optimize nitric oxide production. This fact alone makes chelation therapy a benefit for virtually everyone. Nitric oxide (NO) protects the heart, stimulates the brain, kills bacteria, helps prevent blood clots that are the cause of most heart attacks and strokes, enhances oxygen delivery to tissues, and helps regulate blood pressure and blood flow to different organs. It is present in most living creatures and made by many different types of cells. It was a sensation when it was discovered that this simple, common air pollutant,-which is formed when nitrogen burns, for instance in automobile exhaust fumes-could exert so many important and life saving functions in our body.
The problem is that nitric oxide is so powerful that when we give it as a drug, there’s a chance that, just like when we used to give you nitroglycerin to put under your tongue to dilate your arteries and stop your heart pain, you might get an explosive headache. So it’s not innocuous to give you substances to get a nitroglycerin or nitric oxide-like effect. It turns out that it’s wonderful if I can figure out a way to optimize your body’s ability to make just its own ideal dose of nitric oxide, (which we believe Detoxamin helps you do, by detoxifying the cells that make NO). Because your body is not a fool and will not make too much, so there is no worry about over dosing you with EDTA induced NO.

Detoxamin suppositories remain solid below 76°F, so keep them in a cool place to prevent melting. If necessary, any broken or bubbled suppositories can be melted and reformed in the fridge.

If soft, we suggest placing the Detoxamin suppository in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes before use, to firm up the suppository before usage.  Use the restroom prior to using, and be  sure your hands are clean.

To open the suppository, separate one shell from the rest, then gently peel the flat plastic tabs apart to reveal the suppository inside the shell.

Your health is a vitally important to us, and we welcome your questions be they by phone or email. Click to call the numbers below:
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Ongoing Maintenance

 Your bones are toxic for life. Lead and other heavy metals are stored in the bones and get re-distributed into the bloodstream. Therefore, it is highly recommended to continue maintenance with Detoxamin, this provides the ultimate in Anti-aging benefits.

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