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Chelation Suppositories

Detoxamin® is backed by two clinical studies that have clearly proven scientifically it’s safety and effectiveness. Detoxamin is also clinically proven each and everyday in hundreds of other clinics around the world.

Fortunately, Detoxamin® EDTA chelation therapy suppositories, an alternative delivery method (using a proprietary chelation suppository) has opened up the whole world of heavy metal detox, making EDTA Chelation Therapy more affordable, convenient, and available to everyone. The very same ingredient that goes into the IV EDTA (CaNa2EDTA or calcium disodium EDTA) has been incorporated into Detoxamin® EDTA chelation therapy suppositories.

The dosage is smaller so that it does not put so much strain on the body, especially the kidneys. Each suppository contains ca-EDTA which is slowly absorbed through the sigmoid colon (while you sleep) and gently works. This delivery method altogether avoids the disadvantages associated with traditional IV EDTA chelation therapy.

This method, Detoxamin® EDTA chelation therapy suppositories, of administering EDTA chelation therapy is also extremely effective. By utilizing Detoxamin® EDTA chelation therapy suppositories delivery, the body will be able to process the product without having to filter it through protective channels in the liver and is therefore an efficient means for administering EDTA throughout the body. More efficient, less invasive, 70% less expensive and safer; these are only some of the reasons to be using Detoxamin® EDTA chelation therapy suppositories. What was once a time- consuming, prescriptive treatment costing thousands of dollars is now available to you in the privacy of your own home. The simple solution to safe and effective EDTA chelation is this: take Detoxamin® EDTA chelation therapy suppositories at night and wake up to better health in the morning.

Detoxamin® EDTA Chelation Therapy Suppositories

edta chelation
Detoxamin Chelation Suppositories
edta chelation
Detoxamin Chelation Suppositories

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