Multi Vitamin with NT Factor® 120 Tabs

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Daily Complete – 120 Tabs

100% Of The Most Important Minerals And Vitamins

  • Two-a-day daily vitamin regimen
  • Complete system of vitamins and minerals
  • In a highly absorbable form
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The Original Scientifically Proven EDTA Chelation Suppository

"Detoxamin is one of the most significant means to improve patients’ overall health that I’ve experienced in my 30 years of practice." Rita Ellithorpe MD
My hat goes off to [the manufacturers of Detoxamin] for researching and making EDTA chelation available, affordable, non-prescription, and practical for a greater number of people… for as you have learned, heavy metal toxicity is at the root of many incurable conditions, and it is not going to go away. Detoxamin will revolutionise medicine." Sherry Rogers MD

Only Detoxamin® Offers Extraordinary efficacy, safety, and scientific validation through clinical research

Rita Ellithorpe MD

Rita Ellithorpe MD

Now, I have published proven research results of Detoxamin's safety and efficacy in approved clinical trials. Please, don’t be fooled by other imitations. The unique Detoxamin formula is the only one that is proven to work longer in the body and absorb into the tissue more than IV chelation or oral chelation.

Two-a-day daily vitamin regimen | Complete system of vitamins and minerals | In a highly absorbable form

As its name suggests, Daily Complete is a complete range of vitamins and minerals required for daily health. It provides 100% of the most important minerals and vitamins a person needs. Unlike many one a day multivitamins, Daily Complete is designed to provide a sustained level of nutrients throughout the day. It is provided in a gentle formula made up entirely of food and food based extracts. This allows your body to absorb the nutrients in their natural form. Daily Complete also provides you with three extra nutrients that supplements and multivitamins like Centrum may not; pantethine, phosphoglycolipids and NT Factor®.

Pantethine is a precursor to coenzyme A. The nutrient plays a critical role in gastro-intestinal health due to its ability to produce friendly bacteria. By increasing the micro-flora of the gastro-intestinal track Pantethine improves the uptake of nutrients. Research has shown Pantethine’s success in lowering both serum cholesterol and triglycerides. Pantethine is also a means to increase the effectiveness and potency of antioxidants.

A phosphoglycolipid is the means by which our products replace the damaged lipids of the cells. The Lipid Replacement Therapy (LRT) present in most of our products allows for the repair, restoration and replacement of damaged lipids. They are replaced with the new healthy phosphoglycolipids provided.

NTFactor® is the tableting base that is the basis for most of our products. It provides the scientifically proven LRT. It is made up entirely of food and food extracts. It is not made up of any synthetic or unnatural fillers or binders. The LRT of NTFactor® allows Daily Complete to act as more than an antioxidant. Normal antioxidants work at slowing down the damage caused by free radicals. However, they do nothing to repair the damage already done. NTFactor® and its Lipid Replacement Therapy not only protects the cell from damage, it repairs and restores the cells damaged lipids, the membrane surrounding the cell. It is this membrane which is damaged due to oxidative stress and free radicals.

In addition, because NTFactor® is made up food and food extracts it allows the nutrients in Daily Complete to be more readily absorbed. In this product you absorb almost all the nutrient value provided on the label.

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