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The Simple Solution: take Detoxamin® chelation suppositories at night – wake up to better health in the morning.

The Simple Solution: take Detoxamin® chelation suppositories at night – wake up to better health in the morning.

Detoxamin is the originator and developer of the EDTA chelation suppositories technology (time-release). Our patented toxic metal chelation formula is unique and unlike any other. This is why Detoxamin EDTA chelation suppositories are the only product of its kind that actually has the proof to back up its claims. Detoxamin EDTA chelation suppositories have opened up the whole world of metal chelation & heavy metal detox, making it available to everyone.

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This method of administering EDTA chelation is also extremely effective. By utilizing our EDTA chelation suppository delivery, the body will be able to process the product without having to filter it through protective channels in the liver and is therefore an efficient means for administering EDTA throughout the body. More efficient, less invasive, 70% less expensive and safer; these are only some of the reasons to be using Detoxamin® EDTA chelation suppositories. What was once a time- consuming, prescriptive treatment costing thousands of dollars is now available to you in the privacy of your own home. The simple solution to safe and effective EDTA chelation is this: take Detoxamin® EDTA chelation suppositories at night and wake up to better health in the morning.

Scientifically Proven Toxic Metal Chelation

Scientific evidence is important. Formulas, ingredients, consistency, time-release, and other important aspects that create high absorption of EDTA are all different. If you have used IV EDTA chelation before, you know absorption and bio-availability is the key to performance. If it’s quality you are looking for, go with the proven leader – the one you can trust. Detoxamin.
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Detoxamin Bio-Availability, Proof of Absorption Study

Doctor Recommended EDTA Chelation

I treated over 500 of my patients with Detoxamin EDTA chelation suppositories with excellent success over the past five years. Considering its ease of use with self-administration, convenience, and safety, I truly believe Detoxamin EDTA chelation suppositories is one of the most significant means to improve patients’ overall health that I’ve experienced in my 30 years of practice. – Dr Rita Ellithorpe MD
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Heavy Metal Toxicity: Root of Many Ills

Exposure to heavy metals comes from different sources: the environment, in dust of the air you breathe, medications, personal care products, your water, and even your food. The three principal routes of entry are: the mouth, lungs, and skin. There are many heavy metals that decimate cell membrane health, but the major ones are mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium and arsenic.
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DETOX OUTSIDE THE BOX, a thought provoking insight about detoxification and chelation therapy which delves into why so many Americans are faced with the horrible reality of having a degenerative disease. Rita Ellithorpe MD, a renowned integrative medicine specialist has been on the front lines for over 20 years helping people overcome the ravages of disease. Most doctors today are trained only to treat symptoms and many times leaving the patient worse off and chained to a lifetime of prescription drugs, but Dr. Ellithorpe’s proven medical approach deals with the exact cause of what is behind your disease. If you are faced with a degenerative condition, or if you just want to achieve a better level of health, you will find the answers you are searching for right here.
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