Detoxamin® Ca-EDTA Suppositories

Scientifically & Clinically Proven Chelation Treatment to Remove Toxic Metals From The Body
Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories are the only scientifically proven and medical equal alternative to IV EDTA chelation therapy

Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories are the only scientifically proven and medical equal alternative to IV EDTA chelation therapy

Detoxamin® is the originator and developer of the EDTA suppositories technology (time-release), an improved method of EDTA chelation. Our patented heavy metal detox chelation suppositories formula is unique and unlike any other. This is why Detoxamin EDTA suppositories are the only chelation treatment of its kind that actually has the proof to back up its claims. Detoxamin EDTA chelation suppositories have opened up the whole world of EDTA chelation therapy & heavy metal detox, making it available to everyone.

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edta suppositories
edta suppositories

Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories Scientific & Clinical Advantages. When You Need Results.

Detoxamin Scientific & Clinical Advantages
  • Over 100,000 patients have used Detoxamin chelation suppositories
  • Unique, long lasting EDTA levels in system for deep heavy metal cleansing
  • 70% less than IV EDTA chelation therapy
  • Non-invasive, no discomfort, no hassle
  • No inconvenient, time consuming doctor visits
  • Introduces less EDTA dosage, but lasts longer
  • Safer than IV
  • Well-tolerated by adults and children
edta suppositories
Very Easy-to-Use

Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories Are Clinically Proven

A formidable amount of data exists that clearly indicate the insidious toxicity of non-physiological metals such as mercury, lead, nickel, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum where specific mechanisms for the neurotoxic, nephrotoxic and immune-dysregulatory effects of these metals are identified. There is increased need and demand for more consumer friendly, less invasive, less time-consuming broad specificity metal chelation protocols consistent with the time constraints and health goals of many members of our society today.

Since intravenous chelation is too time consuming and expensive, I've been administering Detoxamin to my patients and believe it is a revolutionary advancement. I've seen excellent results for over ten years with thousands of my patients. Within the last three years I decided to research Detoxamin chelation therapy suppositories. Now, I have published proven research results of the brand’s safety and efficacy in approved clinical trials. Please, don't be fooled by other imitations. The unique Detoxamin formula is the only one that is proven to work longer in the body and absorb into the tissue more than IV chelation or oral chelation. Expand your view. I recommend that anyone who wants to achieve better health should look closely at Detoxamin. It will forever change your perspective on the paradigm of how to achieve true health in today's world.

Rita Ellithorpe MD, TLC

"Detoxamin Chelation Suppositories, Scientifically Proven EDTA Chelation Therapy"...

This method of administering EDTA chelation therapy is also extremely effective. By utilizing our EDTA suppositories delivery for edta chelation therapy, the body will be able to process the product without having to filter it through protective channels in the liver and is therefore an efficient means for administering EDTA throughout the body. More efficient, less invasive, 70% less expensive and safer; these are only some of the reasons to be using Detoxamin® EDTA suppositories for effective scientifically proven EDTA chelation therapy.

A Brief History of EDTA Chelation Therapy

Learn more about the benefits & advantages of Detoxamin

For decades IV EDTA chelation therapy has saved the lives of many people across the globe. With IV EDTA chelation therapy (intravenous or given in the vein by needle), calcium disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (CaNa2EDTA) is given slowly over three or four hours, at a dosage of two to three grams per treatment. The results of this therapy have literally given patients a new lease on life. EDTA chelation therapy works by pulling out heavy metals from damaged hearts and heart valves, as well as from hidden stores within blood vessels, kidneys, and more. It has even pulled out the calcifications from arteries. Although it has been a miracle for many, IV EDTA chelation therapy, like anything else, has its disadvantages:

IV Disadvantagaes

  • You need a chelation physician located in your city, and many people have had to travel several hours to find one.
  • Chelation is usually administered in 3000mg dosages lasting three to four hrs, generally done two to four times a week, for 30-60 weeks (or more).
  • By forcing a chelation dose of 3 grams into the body over a short period of time, unnecessary stress is placed on organs, such as the kidneys.
  • The cost is usually more than $150.00 per session, not counting travel and time away from work.
  • Blood studies reveal that plasticizers from the IV bags and tubing accumulate in the bloodstream and later end up contaminating the rest of the body. These plastics from IV's often end up in the peroxisomes - little organelles inside the cells (except mature red blood cells because they have lost their nuclei). They quietly damage the chemistry needed by all cell membranes and thereby lead to further diseases, including high blood pressure.

Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories Advantages

  • You save money and time as well as the danger of traveling.
  • You lose no time from work or home.
  • You are gently coaxing the heavy metals out of the body with a quarter of the dose you would be given with the IV method. This relieves the kidneys and the rest of the body from the strain of forcing a higher dose over a shorter period of time
  • It is extremely inexpensive; the cost of Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories for nightly chelation for a month can be approximately what you would pay for one chelation session.
  • There are no diseases producing phthalates to be absorbed, since there are no IV's.
  • You have total flexibility with the dose.

EDTA Chelation Therapy Proven to Remove Toxic Metals

Exposure to heavy metals comes from different sources: the environment, in dust of the air you breathe, medications, personal care products, your water, and even your food. The three principal routes of entry are: the mouth, lungs, and skin. There are many heavy metals that decimate cell membrane health, but the major ones are mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium and arsenic. Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories is the originator and developer of this unique, convenient, and affordable form of EDTA chelation therapy.

EDTA is more attracted to some elements than others. This list is what EDTA is attracted to, in order of highest attraction to lower. This list was comprised by research published by Saul Green and Wallace Sampson in 2002.  From studies, we also know EDTA has an affinity for Arsenic and Uranium, though we do not know where they fall in the line of affinity.

Affinity chart for Ca-EDTA

EDTA Suppositories by Detoxamin

  • Iron (Ferric)
  • Mercury
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel
  • Lead
  • Cobalt
  • Iron (Ferrous)
  • Zinc
  • Cadmium
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium

My hat goes off to the manufacturers of Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories for researching and making EDTA chelation available, affordable, non-prescription, and practical for a greater number of people… for as you have learned, heavy metal toxicity is at the root of many incurable conditions, and it is not going to go away. Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories will revolutionize medicine.

Sherry Rogers MD, Famous Physician, Author

Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories, Scientifically Proven EDTA Chelation Therapy

Scientific evidence is very important. Certain EDTA formulas, ingredients, consistency, time-release, and other important aspects that create high absorption of EDTA suppositories are all different. If you have used IV EDTA chelation therapy before, you know absorption and bio-availability is the key to performance. If it’s quality you are looking for, go with the proven leader – the one you can trust - Detoxamin Chelation Suppositories for effective and safe EDTA chelation therapy.

edta suppositories

Scientifically Proven Lead Chelation

Aging is associated with increased risk for chronic, low-level re-exposure to lead because the vast majority of lead is sequestered in bone and dissolution of the bone matrix is a common problem with aging. Lead, released from the bone, where it is relatively inert, has a far greater adverse effects when it is subsequently taken up by extremely vulnerable cells in the central and peripheral nervous system, heart and kidneys.

edta suppositories

Mercury Chelation, Why a Suppository?

It is a little known fact that the lower and middle hemorrhoidal veins bypass the liver and do not undergo first-pass metabolism, EDTA is sent rapidly to the lower and middle hemorrhoidal veins for absorption. The rectum is an interesting area for drug absorption because it is not buffered and has a neutral pH. It also has very little enzymatic activity, thus enzymatic degradation does not occur. The body sequesters Hg in the liver by binding it to cholesterol and converting it into bile that then flows into the intestines. As bile is used to breakdown dietary lipids, some of the Hg becomes unbound in the intestinal tract. Detoxamin has been shown to deliver the chelation ability just where the maximum Hg excretion is taking place.

edta suppositories

Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories, Doctor Recommended

I treated over 500 of my patients with Detoxamin EDTA suppositories with excellent success over the past five years. Considering its ease of use with self-administration, convenience, and safety, I truly believe Detoxamin EDTA suppositories is one of the most significant means to improve patients’ overall health that I’ve experienced in my 30 years of practice. - Dr Rita Ellithorpe MD

edta suppositories
Detoxamin works while you sleep!

Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories E-Book - FREE

DETOX OUTSIDE THE BOX, a thought provoking insight about detoxification, heavy metal detox, EDTA chelation therapy and EDTA suppositories, delves into why so many Americans are faced with the horrible reality of having a degenerative disease. Rita Ellithorpe MD, a renowned integrative medicine specialist has been on the front lines for over 20 years helping people overcome the ravages of disease. Most doctors today are trained only to treat symptoms and many times leaving the patient worse off and chained to a lifetime of prescription drugs, but Dr. Ellithorpe's proven medical approach deals with the exact cause of what is behind your disease. If you are faced with a degenerative condition, or if you just want to achieve a better level of health, you will find the answers you are searching for right here.

edta suppositories

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