Detoxamin Original Chelation Suppositories



The website WWW.DETOXAMIN.CA is falsely presenting itself as “Detoxamin”. We therefore cannot vouch for its safety, its efficacy, or the ingredients in any way – and it is not the product formulation “Detoxamin”. They are seriously misleading the public with this falsely labeled product.

Detoxamin is a unique, proprietary, and proven formula created by World Health Products LLC, who is also the owner of this website, as well as the name Detoxamin. Any use of the name Detoxamin is strictly prohibited and is not allowed by anyone other than World Health Products and/or its authorized licensees.

You are not purchasing Detoxamin from Detoxamin.Ca – but instead, they’ve made it look like Detoxamin with a copy of our own label and logo on their old product. It’s a falsely labeled product designed to get your money.

We find this type of theft dangerous – and it will not be tolerated.

We do apologize for any confusion. For any questions regarding this notice, please contact us for any reason, we would love to hear from you:


We conducted the world’s first EDTA chelation suppository studies. To view this groundbreaking chelation research, others have posted it here:

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