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The Only Scientifically And Clinically Proven EDTA Suppositories In The World

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Trusted Worldwide To Remove Heavy Metals

The Original EDTA Suppositories Proven In Scientific And Clinical Studies

Detoxamin® EDTA suppositories, an alternative delivery method (using a patented, proprietary chelation suppository) has opened up the whole world of removing heavy metals. Easy to use, convenient and very effective. Detoxamin is used by thousands of doctors and patients around the world. Go with the proven leader. 

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Formulas, ingredients, consistency, time-release, and other important aspects that create high-absorption of Ca-EDTA are all different. Absorption and bio-availability is the key to performance. If it's quality you are looking for, go with the proven leader - the one you can trust, Detoxamin.  

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My hat goes off to [the manufacturers of Detoxamin] for researching and making chelation available, affordable, non-prescription. Detoxamin will revolutionize medicine.
Sherry Rogers MD, Well Known Physician and Author
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